The Padawan Academy Way

Padawan Academy's preschool program will begin for children at 1 years old. Beginning early childhood education at a young age is pivotal to a child's development and success for later in life. 


At this age, children are beginning to become more familiar with the world around them. They are refining their gross motor skills and begin to communicate verbally. Our toddler classroom will feature an environment that stimulates your child's senses and is welcoming. This will ensure that your child feels safe and ready to Play, Learn, & Grow. 

Our teachers will develop lessons that will sharpen your child's knowledge of communication, motor skills, songs, and so much more! 

Two Year Olds

Two- Year Olds are in a pivotal stage in their growth and development as a child, they are transitioning from their baby stage to a preschooler. They are now confident in their movements and expressing themselves, this is also usually the age in which a child is introduced to potty training. 

Our teachers will help them begin to understand how to have independent play, small group instruction, and lay the foundation for their language arts & math skills. This includes letter/number recognition, phonics, and self-help skills. 

Early Preschool

Our Early Preschool program will serve as a bridge from our Two Year Old program to the Preschool Program. We will focus on sharpening their self help skills and foundation of knowledge. At this age, children are becoming very curious about the world around them.

Our teachers will help your child become accustomed to the formal school setting while still intriguing their interest through fun activities. Children will begin to work on their fine motor skills and reinforce their number/letter recognition. 


Preschool aged children are children that are 3-4 years old. At this age we will begin to prepare your child for VPK. This preparation will include a classroom that includes learning centers that cover various subject areas and one on one instruction. 

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